Bringing a community together for the purpose of improvement and striving to be better, is time well spent. And while time is one of the most important values in life, why not spend it the right way and grow with it. Learn about how we were created and what keeps us moving forward.

The Goodz Foundation began when a group of young men raised in the Hampton Roads area, otherwise known as the 757, sought a positive change that could be made with their influence where: communities could benefit from acts of love, kids could gain impactful knowledge at a young age, young adults can be uplifted to achieve their dreams, and opportunities are endless. The challenge with this kind of change is that it's slow so patience is key.
However, even though the change we believed in was massive, we started small and wanted to provide those who are living on the streets of the 757 with food, necessities to be clean, and most importantly time; Time to talk, uplift, and make them feel special.
So we hosted our first event in Suffolk, Virginia to not only gather up these food items and necessities, but to also bring together a great community. This event is known as the Goodz Giveback & Cookout. It involved bringing together individuals from the Hampton Roads area (757) to put together packages, for those who reside on the streets of the 757, in a positive, social environment with plenty of good food, good music, and great vibes. After the event, we went out, in person, to give out the packages in the Hampton Roads community. More information on this event and many others will come as the journey towards change continues! 
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